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Castle Hills launches road, drainage projects


CASTLE HILLS — Described as one of the biggest upgrades in the city’s history, Castle Hills is preparing to rebuild several streets while also starting the next phase of a major drainage project.

RPS Infrastructure has been designing about $2.9 million worth of work on eight roads. City officials will seek construction proposals later this summer and start work this fall.

“For years, Castle Hills has been plagued with street and drainage problems. (This year) will mark the beginning of the largest comprehensive infrastructure improvement plan the city has ever seen,” Mayor JR Trevino said.

A recent report indicates that half of the city’s roads are in need of serious repairs.

The comprehensive street rebuilding project is part of a capital-improvements plan formed by City Manager Ryan Rapelye.

City Council adopted Phase I of the CIP in late 2018 and Phase II in March 2019.

The CIP is being implemented in conjunction with each city budget to allocate money for streets and drainage projects.

The CIP includes an inventory of each street, description of necessary work and estimated cost. Roads in worse condition are set to be addressed early in the plan.

The CIP identified necessary improvements totaling $42 million; half of that amount is estimated just for street reconstruction and extensive repairs.

A street assessment indicated nearly 50% of Castle Hills’ streets need full-depth reconstruction.

“Reconstruction is appropriate when a pavement has structurally failed and can no longer support the traffic demand,” Rapelye said.

In the last two years, the city has implemented two CIP projects: Antler Drive improvements, and Banyan Drive/Glentower Drive drainage upgrades.

San Antonio Water System partnered with the city on both projects.

Bids for Phase III of the Banyan/Carolwood Drive drainage project were due July 2. The City Council was expected to consider city staff’s recommendation from those bids on July 13.

Phase III will feature installation of drainage culverts just past Gardenview Drive on Banyan, and around the corner to the bottom of Carolwood at the Banyan intersection.

The problem in the Banyan/Carolwood/Glentower watershed has been insufficient drainage capacity.

Castle Hills’ master drainage plan calls for an underground storm-drain system to better channel stormwater from Glentower to the existing outfall to address this specific problem, officials said.

The previous two phases of neighborhood drainage work included improvements to an existing channel and underground storm sewer along Glentower and Banyan, and extension of the underground sewer from Banyan to Carolwood.

“This is a continuation where we stopped on the Banyon project, going around the corner, continuing with the underground inlets up until Carolwood and Prinz (Drive),” Rapelye said.

“The idea is when water comes down, it’ll be captured at that point and the water will be sent underground through Banyon,” the city manager added.

Leaders said the third phase, estimated to cost $1.7 million, will take up to seven months to complete. Certificates of obligation issued by the city in 2020 will fund the drainage work as well as the comprehensive street reconstruction.

In addition, Castle Hills will micro-surface 15 roads this summer. Ten other streets received similar treatment last summer.

Trevino said the projects will help modernize much of Castle Hills’ road and drainage infrastructure.

“We will be applying sealant to over 15 streets to help extend their useful life, complete reconstruction for portions of eight streets, and drainage improvements to address flooding in three different areas. 2022 is going to be Castle Hills’ best year yet,” he added.

Full-depth reconstruction is planned for:

  • Atwater Drive from Antler Drive to Buckaroo Drive
  • Bluet Lane from Travertine Lane to the cul-de-sac
  • Shalimar Drive from Jackson-Keller Road to Bluet
  • Travertine Lane from Jackson-Keller to Twinleaf Lane
  • Trillium Lane from Gladiola Lane to Travertine
  • Lemonwood Drive from Krameria Drive to Persimmon Drive
  • Honeysuckle Lane from Lemonwood to the Loop 410 frontage road
  • Fox Hall Lane at Fox Hall Cove


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