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Viva vaccines


Fiesta may be a scaled-down affair this year, but at least it’s still being held.

Known as San Antonio’s biggest party, Fiesta originally launched decades ago to highlight Texas independence.

Though smaller in 2021, perhaps we should look at the celebration as a way to honor humankind’s hoped-for independence from COVID-19.

Last year, thanks to the novel coronavirus, the Alamo City’s revelry was canceled altogether to limit the pandemic’s outbreak, and with good reason. The scourge swept across the planet in 2020, causing death and tragedy everywhere.

Nor are we out of the woods yet.

However, due to unprecedented cooperation between scientists, governments and health care officials, revolutionary vaccines have been rolled out and the human race now has the potential to achieve herd immunity.

Wearing masks and practicing physical distancing are also helping.

Fiesta, normally in the spring, is June 17-27. Gone this time are most of the parades and Fiesta Oyster Bake.

While we may miss the festive processions, chomping on turkey legs and cracking cascarones, it’s a small price to pay to ensure the defeat of this dreadful malady.

While we honor those who broke the chains of tyranny to create the Lone Star State, Fiesta 2021 can also symbolize our struggle to be free of a tyrannical disease.

Viva San Antonio! Viva vaccines!


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