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Attracting jobs today for a prosperous tomorrow at Brooks


Guest column by Leo Gomez

Creating jobs has been a primary focus for Brooks since the beginning. Brooks Air Force Base was once home to about 2,700 military personnel and civilians, so when the property was conveyed to the Brooks Development Authority in 2002 it was important to our community and our city that the 1,308-acre campus remained a place where people could live and work long after Air Force operations had ceased.

Nearly 20 years later, supporting the housing, transportation and employment needs of our South Side community continues to be our primary charge. Our goal is for you, our neighbors and community members, to be able to find your next job opportunity at Brooks. Here is how we are working to make that a reality:

First, by attracting quality employers to the campus. Brooks employees and our board of directors work to ensure the companies joining the Brooks family understand our values, care about the communities in which they operate and create living-wage jobs. We are proud to have established Brooks as home of some of the city’s best employers, with more than 45 businesses on campus. Over the past three years, three major global corporations — Nissei Plastic Machinery America Inc., Okin BPS Inc. and Cuisine Solutions — have opened facilities on campus. In 2021, we look forward to welcoming a fourth as Amazon prepares to debut a delivery facility, offering full- and part-time jobs with additional opportunities for independent delivery contractors and entrepreneurs.

Second, by encouraging the employers here at Brooks to hire from the surrounding area. Brooks is currently home to more than 3,200 employees and that number is growing every day with more than 2,000 additional jobs — from entry-level to management positions — anticipated over the next five years. Brooks provides employers on campus with local recruitment opportunities — hosting two job fairs annually — and encourages them to prioritize qualified applications from our surrounding ZIP codes, because we want you to have the option of a good job close to home.

Lastly, by providing you with the resources necessary to land the job. Brooks partners with SA Works and Workforce Solutions Alamo to host biannual job fairs open to all skill and career levels that provide job seekers with job-hunting strategy sessions, resume-building workshops, informational discussions and the opportunity to meet with hiring managers from employers across campus. Job fairs are currently being held virtually as part of our ongoing effort to prioritize the health and well-being of our community.

I encourage you to connect with us as we continue to attract new employers and create jobs on campus. To learn about opportunities as they open, stay tuned to livebrooks.com, @livebrooks on Facebook and Instagram, and @livebrookstx on Twitter for more information.

Gomez is president and CEO of Brooks.


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