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As Texas goes, so goes the country


Folks used to say that about California. Not so much anymore. The latest U.S. Census Bureau estimates show our state is among the top five fastest growing in the country.

To the newcomers, we say, “Welcome, y’all.” Also: “Leave things as you found them.”

We get why you moved here. Texas is business-friendly and lacks a state income tax, with temperate climates and neighborly folks. In addition, the Longhorn State hosts major international airports, a vital seaport, space centers, three of the biggest U.S. cities, the hub of cutting-edge military medicine, and the heart of America’s oil industry.

The exodus, especially from California and Silicon Valley, continues. Tech guru Elon Musk announced Austin as his new home; he’s also opening a Tesla plant in nearby Del Valle. Oracle and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are relocating their headquarters to Austin and Spring, respectively. Apple and Amazon have a significant Texas presence.

In San Antonio, the seventh-largest U.S. city, several major corporations have already found homes. One of the most well-known is H-E-B, but there’s also Toyota, Rackspace, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, USAA, Caterpillar, Tyson Foods and Wells Fargo.

Many recently arrived individuals left other states because of sagging economies, overregulation and perhaps even the political mindset. Here’s a bit of advice: Don’t bring all that baggage to the Lone Star State.

Things are pretty much fine just the way they are.


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