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Cenotaph saved


It would seem the battle of the Alamo rages still, but the Texas Historical Commission made the right call denying a permit allowing revisionists to move the Cenotaph.

Members of the Alamo Management Committee, the public-private partnership pushing a $450 million plan to renovate Alamo Plaza, said they wanted the Cenotaph relocated to restore the mission’s true historical legacy.

The Spanish Empire, in concert with the Catholic Church, built missions just like the Alamo the world over to minister to Indigenous persons. Nothing unique there.

What is memorable about the Alamo is its place in history as a battleground symbolizing man’s struggle for freedom against tyranny. The Cenotaph honors the heroes of all ethnicities who fought for independence in March 1836, inspiring those who strive for liberty for generations to come.

It belongs front and center on the Alamo grounds, not moved south of the shrine. In addition, the monument could be damaged should it be shifted.

The Cenotaph stands as a reminder freedom is purchased through blood and sacrifice.

Those who desired relocation say they only wished to tell the “full” story of the 300-year-old mission. Instead, it appears they want to minimize the most important chapter in the Alamo’s history.


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