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Calls to defund police departments are not only misguided but radically dangerous.

The men and women in blue are enforcers of the peace, with a job more rewarding and more difficult than most can imagine.

Sure, there are some bad apples. However, taking livelihoods away from all peace officers for the actions of a few will not usher in a golden age, only undermine their effectiveness. The majority of officers joined to protect and serve.

Training on de-escalation, cultural sensitivity and more community policing offer solutions. Meanwhile, the public could also show a little more civility to officers during an encounter, instead of adjudicating from the curb.

While reformers with good intentions say defunding the police means shifting financial resources to social, education and anti-poverty programs, we know what the road to hell is paved with. The City Council this budget session wisely did not approve any cuts to the police force.

“(Crooks) are going to speed up, they’re going to accelerate” if the police are defunded, warns Brandon Tatum, a Black retired police officer, on his YouTube channel.

Taking resources away from departments will lead to layoffs, the hiring of inferior candidates, poor training, fewer patrols and inadequate equipment.

The only winners will be the criminals.


  1. I was disappointed to read this assessment of “defunding police.”
    It states obvious reactions under the guise of taking the notion literally, as someone who was living under a rock for the last few months would. By using the power of the editorial to do this, it does our community a grave disservice. It implicitly denies the systemic racism and inappropriate recruiting and training within police organizations. The problem is way bigger than “bad apples.”
    To spell it out, then, defunding police is the redistribution of effort, financially backed, to better serve the community through the police department…or whatever it may be called after its transformation. There’s no effort to disrespect or take away from the core police function and personnel. It shifts the resources to more appropriate to solve the problematic areas. The police can do this. Many are in such bad shape that they don’t realize the need and they will continue to do harm until their hands are held and they are towed in the right direction.
    To ignore this simply patronizes the reader and assumes their ignorance.


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