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OUR TAKE: Mask Up!


Quit fussing, and wear a mask.

There’s no question protective face coverings limit the spread of maladies, including COVID-19.

There’s historic precedent for putting on a mask. Doctors and nurses have worn them for decades. People donned face coverings during the great pandemic of 1918.

If masks save lives, yours and other’s, no doubt they should be utilized.

It’s wearisome in the 21st century to hear debates over whether government orders to employ protective face coverings violate civil liberties. The answer is no. Wearing a mask is common sense.

So what if the government tells you to do it? Each time you get in your car, you’re following official mandates — clicking a seat belt, carrying a driver’s license, making sure your inspection and registration are up to date and, hopefully, possessing valid insurance.

By and large, no one objects to these directives. So, why all the howling about mask-wearing if it keeps you and your neighbors safe?

People can shelve them after a vaccine is developed or restrictions are relaxed. Until then, show some consideration and put one on.


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