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Teachers are true heroes


As the fight against COVID-19 continues, teachers deserve a big thank you for remaining on the front lines to ensure our children’s educational needs are met.

It hasn’t been easy. Students left for Spring Break and then the highly infectious coronavirus hit. Gov. Greg Abbott closed schools, but said learning had to continue.

In just a matter of days, instructors developed distance-learning programs and paper-lesson pickups, mobilizing in a massive education effort unseen in modern times.

Many went above and beyond to reach out to schoolchildren who weren’t signing on or coming by drop-off sites. They cared enough to chase down absent pupils on weekends, at night — whatever it took to keep kids on task.

Other unsung heroes of COVID-19 are the workers who kept youngsters fed thanks to school-meal programs. Many children rely on such services for balanced nutrition not found at home.

The new academic year is upon us, and there are plenty of challenges as the virus lingers. School districts are delaying in-person instruction and will let families choose between distance learning or attending safely spaced classrooms when doors open again. No matter what, teachers need the full support of both their school boards and parents to continue doing what they do best — preparing young minds for the future.


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