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Potholes blitzed in North Side campaign

City exceeds goal to fill road craters across District 9

A yearly Pothole Blitz Challenge in April led to the filling of 518 road craters on District 9 streets. The city encourages reporting by calling 311. File photo

A yearly blitz to report and repair potholes on the North Side has ended successfully without hitting any snags, officials said.

The city’s Public Works Department repaired 518 potholes in District 9 during its April Pothole Blitz Challenge, an annual initiative — started in 2018 — that encourages neighbors to contact the 311 service system to report craters they see, said Public Works spokesman Paul Berry.

A total of 35 repairs came from residents’ requests.

“We believe that we can be more efficient and repair even more (holes) if residents call 311 and report them,” said Berry, who guaranteed that each pothole turned in will be filled in two business days.

Citywide, 10,909 holes were paved over in April, exceeding the annual goal of 10,000.

Unlike previous years, Public Works employees completed the repairs during regular shifts, Berry said, as opposed to working overtime to get them done.

He attributed the efforts to pleasant weather and fewer drivers on the road due to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as government stay-at-home orders.

The disease forced the shuttering of many businesses in March, some of which have reopened since the state loosened its restrictions in May.

“We were pleased to meet and beat the (pothole repair) goal,” said Berry, who also credited the Public Works employees for their “hustle.”

“Whenever you set a goal, you want to try to at least meet it, if not beat it. And we were able to do that in this case,” he added.

Since Oct. 1, which was the start of the 2020 fiscal year, 1,375 holes— 92 of which came from neighbors’ alerts — have been repaired in District 9 at an allocation of $48,125, Berry said.

Each hole cost roughly $35 to plug, officials said.

Of the 236,925 potholes that have been filled citywide since 2018, 5,921 repairs were completed in District 9 — 461 of them from 311 calls — at a total cost of $207,235, officials said.

It takes crews up to 30 minutes to fill each hole, Berry said.

He urged residents to continue contacting 311 to report potholes in the city.


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