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Just as medical researchers seek a vaccine to limit the effects of COVID-19, the community must give our merchants the vital shot in the arm they need to thrive during and after the pandemic.

No one knows for sure how long the malady will plague us.

Declarations by our leaders make one thing certain, though: Businesses and purveyors of necessary goods are essential to our survival for several reasons, including economic, employment and wellness.

That is why so many shops were allowed to stay open — in limited fashion — as efforts to contain the novel coronavirus unfolded. These merchants are the backbone of society.

During the emergency, businesses ranging from auto-repair facilities to restaurants struggled to stay accessible, to provide services and to keep serving the public, often through ingenious means.

When the virus is eventually conquered or goes away, we must all do our part to continue to shop and spend locally to get our mercantile neighbors back on their feet.

Our area economy should not fall prey to an unseen microorganism.

Shop local and keep our merchants strong, so they in turn can keep the community healthy. We need small businesses and they need our help.


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