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[UPDATED] Wiederstein Road project moves ahead

Road eventually will be renamed Cibolo Valley Drive, officials say


Multimillion-dollar renovations to Cibolo Valley Drive are set to begin April 20.

Work on the formerly known Wiederstein Road, shared by Cibolo and Schertz, would have begun much earlier. However, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed those plans, Cibolo Mayor Stosh Boyle said in a phone interview.

Earlier this year, Cibolo and Schertz city officials separately approved adjustments to an original accord authorizing $4.8 million worth of betterments to Wiederstein Road. Those include widening the thoroughfare from two lanes to four with a continuous turn lane, along with the installation of four traffic signals, a crosswalk and sidewalks.

Hiccups in the planning phase of the project led to the tweaks, Boyle said, among them relocating a water line situated near the road.

“(The Wiederstein project) is a huge priority for us,” the mayor said.

Cibolo is still fronting more of the construction costs at $1.6 million; Schertz’s bill totals $1.3 million. Fasken Oil & Ranch of Midland, developer of the planned Cibolo Crossing mixed-use development – which among its properties includes the nearly year-old Santikos Entertainment Complex – will still be footing the remainder of the tab.

Another shopping complex anchored by EVO Entertainment is in the same vicinity.

Renaming the road Cibolo Valley Drive per Cibolo’s covering of the greater share of expenses was part of the original deal. At some point, Boyle said the Texas Department of Transportation will take one or two evenings to shut down Interstate 35 and install signs signifying the name change.

The thoroughfare as a whole has been in need of upgrades for quite some time, Metrocom officials and residents say.

Last May, Cibolo City Manager Robert Herrera noted 85 percent of traffic on Cibolo Valley Drive traveling to Interstate 35 consists of vehicles from another stretch of that roadway, with some of the traffic feeding into the neighboring Santikos and EVO entertainment complexes.

Jason Wiederstein, who resides in the Willow Pointe subdivision, said it takes him roughly six minutes to get on I-35 from Cibolo Valley Drive. He departs 10 minutes early, to avoid being late for his construction job.

“Traffic can get backed up in the morning, depending on what time of the morning you leave, and sometimes on the weekend,” said Wiederstein, who is distantly related to the family the road is named after. “Traffic is generally OK, unless there’s a wreck on I-35. Then the cars tend to exit on the frontage road.”

Residents of the Lantana subdivision have faced the brunt of the heavy traffic, Cibolo officials lament, with wait times to access the road exceeding 10 minutes.

Boyle empathizes with those motorists, as he uses Cibolo Valley Drive up to 10 times a week.

“We are listening to our residents,” he said.

Cibolo officials are ready to get the project completed ahead of the opening of the multiuse shopping centers in both Cibolo and Schertz and the start of construction on FM 1103, which has experienced several delays.

Wiederstein hopes a refurbished Cibolo Valley Drive with sidewalks and a crosswalk will encourage foot traffic to stores.

“(The thoroughfare) can truly be a gateway to the community,” he said. “The slogan of Cibolo is the ‘City of Choice,’ so we need a road that is going to mirror that phase. We need a road that’s on par with the amenities that we are providing and pitching as a city.”

Estimated completion of the project is 12 months, Herrera said.

City officials advise motorists to exercise caution when traveling the roadway during construction.


  1. Your article references the wrong road. This is a Wiederstein project. Old Wiederstein is a different road and not part of this project.

    • Thank you for your comment and pointing out this error. The online story has been amended to reflect the correct road name.


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