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A message to LOCAL’s readers


ROMANS 5:3-5

As our community reacts to reports of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we at LOCAL Community News want readers to know we have been working hard to make sure we provide updates on our website and social media channels to you as fast as they become available. We are 100 percent committed to keeping our communities informed about the pandemic and its impact.

We are working with our partners to ensure we are doing all that we can to find every option to support our small businesses during this crisis. It’s our responsibility to keep the community educated as best as we can, be a voice for those who have no voice and, most important, unite our neighbors as your true community newspaper.

I hope that as you read this edition, you know you are not alone and that LOCAL is here with you every step of the way. We are locally owned, locally operated, and know firsthand what challenges you may be experiencing. I sincerely believe that we as a community will get through this. LOCAL will continue reporting not only the important news, but the good news, too.

So much of what I’ve seen over the last several weeks has been nothing short of remarkable. While the uncertainty is incredibly stressful, I have confidence in our ability to adapt and am truly encouraged by the support and encouragement we are giving each other.

We’re weathering the storm along with our audience and businesses. We look forward to the day when normalcy returns, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to partner with our neighbors so that all of us come out stronger than ever.

Our small but mighty team is here for you!


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