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By popular demand, doctor opens 2 clinics

SIGMA PRIMARY CARE 15303 Huebner Road, Building 6

Staff at Sigma Primary Care (above) provide preventive care, men’s and women’s health maintenance, and help manage ailments and disease, said Dr. Michael Maloy Jr. (inset). He recently opened two clinics, including one at 15303 Huebner Road, Building 6. Photos by Collette Orquiz

After several years of caring for patients who kept asking him to create his own practice, Dr. Michael Maloy Jr. decided to open not one clinic but two.

The first Sigma Primary Care debuted in October at 2040 Babcock Road, Suite 406. A second launched Dec. 3 at 15303 Huebner Road, Building 6.

“We’re working and taking care of the community we live in; that means figuring out for each person what health means for them,” Maloy said.

Sigma Primary Care takes an individualized approach to medicine, according to Maloy, and provides preventive care, men’s and women’s health maintenance, and helps  manage illness and diseases.

“I think that it has to be an individualized approach. Because if you get 100 patients in a room, their priorities are completely different,” Maloy said.

One reason Maloy decided to open his own practice was to close the communication gap about patients between hospital doctors and primary-care physicians.

“There’s decreased chances of medical errors, and I think that the patients are happy because they get to see their physician,” Maloy said. “They get to see their team through the whole hospital stay and back to their home base, which is the clinic.”

In addition to in-person visits with a doctor, established patients can use telemedicine services, including appointments via video or phone.

Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and closed weekends.

For more, call 210-530-1235 or visit sigmaprimary.cre or facebook.com/pg/SigmaPrimaryCare.


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