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Alamo is not a chess piece


In THE rush to reinvent the Alamo, it seems many folks are forgetting the real reason the old mission continues to captivate the public.

Above all, it’s the birthplace of the Lone Star State; everything else is secondary.

Revisionists seeking to modernize the landmark appear to be deemphasizing its strategic importance in the battle to free Texas from a despot’s grip.

Visitors to Pearl Harbor are not there to learn the entire history of the Hawaiian Islands but to pay their respects to the brave souls who died in combat. The same can be said of most sightseers visiting the Alamo.

The majority of onlookers journeying downtown come to remember the sacrifice made by the heroes of March 1836 in a gambit that bought Sam Houston the time needed to rally and defeat the enemy.

While legal action over recently discovered burials may temporarily halt plans to “reimagine” the Alamo, all concerned should recall its true place in history — the Cradle of Texas Liberty. Moving around pieces of the mission to satisfy a politically correct whim demeans its status as a sacred war monument.


  1. I am 5th generation Texan and proud of it! Leave our Alamo like Texans know it! My fifth great grandfather is Jose Antonio Navarro! Texan of many generations and proud of it! Leave our Texas Alamo alone!

  2. The history of Texas and the San Antonio mission, dubbed “the Alamo,” are far-reaching.
    For example, I’m a Michigan native who never knew that I may have had an ancestor who played a role in local history until I moved here. His name was J. A. Menchaca, a surname that until recently was misspelled over and over again. This surname was also my maternal grandmother’s. But after years of fighting to correct the spelling, Austin Judge Bob Perkins and many Menchaca descendants FINALLY succeeded in having Menchaca corrected in the city of Austin and elsewhere!
    So I don’t know whether I’m 3rd, 4th or 5th generation anything, but I Do know my ancestors Can claim to be part of the Alamo’s history and certainly that of Texas’ history!


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