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Coronado Elementary not closing, JISD says

In spite of shutdown rumors, school has much to offer

Teacher Sheri Schneider sings a song about Veterans Day with first-graders at Coronado Village Elementary School. The school celebrated the holiday Nov. 7. Photo by Collette Orquiz

UNIVERSAL CITY — Contrary to persistent rumors, Coronado Village Elementary School won’t be shuttering after the academic year ends, Judson Independent School District officials confirmed.

Though the campus has experienced declining enrollment, educators and parents alike are touting its success in preparing students for tomorrow’s challenges.

Speculation about its closure has spread through social media, but Superintendent Jeanette Ball and school board President Renée Paschall say such talk is untrue.

Instead, the district needs all its elementary institutions operating as some are capped at student attendance, they said.

“I keep telling the teachers all the time (Coronado will remain open), so I wish they would stop stressing,” Ball said.

Paschall was taken aback by the buzz.

“(Closing the school) is not an option,” she said. “We don’t want the community to be upset about something that is not taking place.”

While other JISD elementary schools maintain large student numbers, Coronado’s have decreased in recent years, officials said.

In the last half-decade, campus population dropped 28 percent, according to the Public School Review website. The institution is teaching 366 pupils this year, Ball said.

Despite lower enrollment, overall school performance has improved in recent years, educators said.

Coronado received a B accountability rating from the Texas Education Agency for 2018-2019; the school received the designation “met standard” the year prior.

Performance was measured by three categories: student achievement, school progress and closing the gaps.

Ball lauded the institution’s science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, curriculum, as well as strong bilingual programs.

District officials say they want to highlight those strengths to encourage more attendance at Coronado.

“If parents see we are offering a quality product, they will want (their kids) to come to our schools,” Ball said.

Despite assurances from district officials, parents such as Julie Alvarado worry about Coronado’s future.

She credits the school for readying her two daughters regarding their long-term academic aspirations.

Alvarado noted teachers gave her eldest the proper educational tools to pass the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness.

“Everyone at the school made my (oldest) feel welcome and told her we are family at the school,” Alvarado said.

Her younger daughter also faced challenges, which teachers helped her overcome, the grateful mother said.


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