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Calling In Sick

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Paid sick leave is one of the greatest benefits an employer can offer workers.

However, in a market-driven economy, disbursing wages for time off due to illness or related issues should be a company decision, not mandated by municipal government.

City Council’s recently passed Sick and Safe Leave ordinance requiring employers to cover paid time off for staffers is a step in the wrong direction. The restrictive measure could hurt local businesses — especially small firms struggling to survive.

Plenty of state and federal laws protecting workers’ rights already exist.

San Antonio should be concerned with fixing roads, public safety and infrastructure, not passing laws that hurt Texas companies and, ultimately, employees if those businesses suffer economic setbacks.

Similar sick-leave policies enacted by Austin and Dallas now face legal challenges, as does the one approved by the misguided social engineers at City Hall.

Employers should be encouraged to provide paid sick leave, but on their own terms.

In the spirit of the season, the council ought to rescind its anti-business law and give companies the power to independently choose how to handle the matter.


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