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Zero-waste bar accepting arrivals downtown


If you’re looking for a local getaway with an international flair, head to Jet-Setter — a new, zero-waste cocktail lounge downtown.

“Yes, we do offer wonderful beverages or libations here, but the experience is more of the focus, humility being the core value of what we do,” said co-owner Benjamin Krick.

A zero-waste establishment involves recycling, composting, using paper straws for drinks, limiting waste and logging any trash.

Krick and Lucas Bradley recently opened Jet-Setter at 229 E. Houston St., Suite 10.

With a sip of a cocktail at Jet-Setter, patrons can be transported across the globe (top). Co-owner Benjamin Krick created 31 elixirs, such as Berta’s Cup (inset). Photos by Collette Orquiz

The decor resembles an airport lounge, complemented by international music.

“It just keeps a nice cool vibe going throughout the night.” Krick said.

Featured are 31 of Krick’s signature cocktails. Refined sugar is removed.

Beer, cider and wine are also available, representing locales across the globe.

Bartenders also are encouraged to study classic cocktails.

“There are no wrong orders,” Krick said.

Kowloon Station is a popular libation. Named for the train station in Hong Kong, it features sake, rice milk, mango, orgeat (almond-based syrup) and sesame.

Hours are 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily.


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