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Mexican pastries in the heart of Alamo Heights


ALAMO HEIGHTS — Two brothers selling Mexican pastries from a food truck have taken their culinary art to the next level with Honcho’s — The House of Churros, a brick-and-mortar eatery.

“(Churros) come from Juarez, Mexico. They’re really popular there and we used to eat (them) every day,” said co-owner Luis Martinez. “We thought it would be a great idea to bring to San Antonio.”

The shop opened in June at 6421 Broadway.

Luis and his sibling Gabriel Martinez had their eyes on the building and saw Broadway as a great spot for a permanent location.

The food truck debuted in May 2017 and is parked at 5800 Babcock Road.

Churros, similar to doughnuts, are fried dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

Honcho’s sells a variety, ranging from filled and “mini” to lasso-shaped, along with 10 different sauces. Their most popular sauce is cajeta, or Mexican caramel.

“We try to make (them) as traditional as we can, especially with the sauces,” Martinez said. “We do our own sauce, which is the Honcho sauce. It’s a spiced caramel.”

Other items include drip coffee and ice cream. Some items can be served with Honcho sauce.

These churro gurus are cranking out about 500 pastries a day, and even more at an array of venues they cater, according to Martinez.

The brothers plan on expanding their menu this fall and will add more drinks to go alongside the sweet treats.

A patio where patrons can enjoy the “fluffy” churros is also in the works.

Hours are noon to 10 p.m. daily.


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