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New day for pre-K

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Funding for full-time prekindergarten bodes well for Texas children today and for generations to come, but educators must now develop programs enhancing the additional hours and improving learning.

Thanks to a multibillion-dollar initiative approved by the 86th Legislature overhauling school finance, money is being allotted to provide full-day pre-K programs for low-income students and others who qualify.

According to research, children attending longer pre-K sessions have improved academic performances, and do better than their third grade peers in reading and math.

Texas’ preschool programs currently lag behind many other states, according to a national report. Let’s close the gap, now.

Pre-K educators should receive training emphasizing early-childhood development.

Included with important basics such as memorizing the alphabet and learning to count, enhanced lessons should also stress play with a purpose, teaching kids how to control their emotions, learning to share, asking questions and forming self-awareness.

As pre-K expands from a few hours daily to at least 30 weekly, administrators must help teachers coordinate these changes using the best resources.


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