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San Antonio election: Moving on

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Ron Nirenberg’s narrow margin of victory in the June San Antonio mayoral runoff fell far short of a resounding mandate for his policies, instead highlighting the city’s deep divide.

His 51-49 percent win against challenger Greg Brockhouse closely mirrored the original May 4 balloting.

There’s no denying this was an ugly campaign, with mudslinging on both sides.

The second-term mayor must make clear he wants to heal the wounds the race aggravated. Reaching out to those who voted against him is a good first step.

This won’t be easy, though, because apparently nearly half of participating voters disapprove of Nirenberg’s leadership. However, if Brockhouse really cares about the city, as pledged, he can persuade disaffected supporters to rally around the incumbent.

Now would be a good time for victor and vanquished to shake hands and agree to move forward with the people’s best interests at heart.

The moment has come to beat swords into plowshares and focus on governing the city. Get back to basics — fixing streets and drainage, ensuring public safety and providing power and water.


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