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City eyes fixes for Evans Road

Planned enhancements for Evans Road call for more turn lanes, sidewalks, school-zone flashers and other improvements for traffic safety. Courtesy photo

If all goes as planned, San Antonio could begin working on improvements to a key segment of Evans Road this November.

The city’s voter-approved 2017 bond package will support upgrades on Evans between U.S. 281 North and Caliza Drive on the far North Side.

Estimated to cost $2.7 million, the project involves upgrades to existing medians, traffic signals and sight distance along the roadway.

The city’s Transportation & Capital Improvements department is prioritizing these hot spots: medians near Encino Park Center; the intersections of Evans/Caliza and Encino Commons Boulevard/Evans; the entryway to Tejeda Middle School; and the Encino Mist Street/Evans area.

Neighbors learned specific details during a recent city-sponsored meeting at Encino Branch Library.

“I felt the community really understood and appreciated the work that is about to be done, especially improving the visibility around the medians,” District 9 Councilman John Courage said afterward.

“My office pushed for the eastern portion of Evans (from Encino Rio Street to Bulverde Road) to be fully resurfaced earlier this year,” he added.

City officials said construction at the medians and traffic signal nearest 281 would help motorists entering and leaving retail centers east of the busy Evans/281 intersection.

During peak hours, traffic sometimes jams at the Caliza/Evans intersection, which is just west of the Evans/Bulverde Road junction.

Evans features two westbound lanes and two eastbound lanes there. Drivers must pause at stop signs in order to go straight or turn at Caliza/Masonwood Drive into their respective neighborhood.

The city plans to install traffic signals and new eastbound and westbound left-turn lanes at Evans and Caliza.

Tejeda’s entrance will see two new traffic signals, a westbound sidewalk in front of the campus, and a school-zone flasher above eastbound Evans.

The city proposes traffic signals at Encino Commons and Evans. In addition, there are plans to rebuild eastbound Evans as it approaches Encino Mist, and a sidewalk along the same stretch of thoroughfare.

Municipal officials said sight-distance modifications here would aid motorists, pedestrians and cyclists just east of a curve along Evans.

Courage said the road alterations would enhance mobility.

“All of these changes, coupled with the U.S. 281 expansion, will vastly improve the traffic conditions in the region,” he added.

The Texas Department of Transportation is conducting a massive project to ease congestion on 281 up to the county line, including high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

By mid-February, TCI representatives said they’ve received little neighborhood feedback about the project.

However, resident Jennifer Klecka Easley chimed in on TCI’s Facebook page: “Please fix the Evans intersection between Whataburger/Arby’s and The Home Depot shopping center just west of 281. People seem to find (it) so confusing, and there are wrecks there frequently.”

Design work on the proposed enhancements is scheduled to finish in August. Construction is slated to last one year.


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