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Take the shot


Children who have interactions with other kids should not put off nor avoid their required vaccinations.

Getting protection against illness through inoculations is simply a prudent move, a medically sound decision, and just the right thing to do — especially with the flu season.

The rise of social media unfortunately has given a bully pulpit to a rash of naysayers who voice claims that vaccinations amount to poison, trigger autism or usually lead to dangerous side effects. Time and again, the medical and scientific communities have debunked these views.

Sadly, increasing numbers of parents and guardians are buying into this drivel and allowing their offspring to forgo health-preserving medicine. Vaccines are safe.

According to officials, Texas has one of the highest rates of unvaccinated children in the nation. In addition, a 2018 Texas Lyceum Poll indicated about 20 percent of Texans aren’t sure what to believe about shots.

This is the 21st century, not the Dark Ages. Common sense should prevail. The state and school systems require a minimum number of inoculations not only to keep children healthy, but also to shield thousands of others who might be at risk of infection.

Be well. Take the shot.


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