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Hole-in-one for next generation Dunkin’


Coffee and doughnuts are a family affair for the Samtanis, who have opened four Dunkin’ Donuts franchises since 2013.

Now, they’re the first in Texas to own a “next generation” concept store and have a dual drive-thru. Located at 10029 San Pedro Ave., Dunkin’ opened Oct. 13.

The company announced in late 2018 it was shortening the name of its stores by dropping “donuts.”

“Dunkin’ has always been an on-the-go brand for most people, so that’s what we’re trying to accentuate here,” said Prashant Samtani.

With a dual drive-thru, the store is able to accommodate up to eight cars.

Samtani owns the five franchises with his father, Kishore Samtani, and sister, Payal Bahutani. They have three more stores in the works, and Kishore Samtani loves the company so much he named his dog Dunkin.

The next-generation store is 1,200 square feet, half the size of the family’s largest shop.

“The interior, look and finish are a lot more high-end than in the past,” said Prashant Samtani. “One of the biggest changes that we’ve had has been the doughnut cases. In our previous stores they’ve always been behind the cashier. At this store they’re front and center.”

New features include a barista machine for espresso and a draft system with cold brew on nitro, infusing coffee with nitrogen for a creamy texture. Tea and original coffee are also offered.

Edibles include breakfast sandwiches served all day, doughnuts and a new snack called The Dunkin’ Run — pretzel bites with mustard.

“Come for the doughnuts, stay for the coffee,” Samtani said.

All coffee drinks are made with Arabica beans and are ethically sourced, Samtani said.

Hours are 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.


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