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[WEB EXCLUSIVE] Building San Antonio one Lego at a time


A crowd of 2,000 throngs the Alamodome, yet they remain strangely silent and unmoving.

What gives?

First, it was not the actual Alamodome. Second, the audience actually was made up of 2,000 Lego minifigures — also known as minifigs or just figs — sitting, standing, dancing and everything else inside a scale cross-section of the arena made entirely out of Lego bricks.

The dome is just one of the San Antonio landmarks being reproduced as scale models at Legoland Discovery Center, which opens May 2019 inside the Shops at Rivercenter, 101 Bowie St. downtown.

The center will be next to Sea Life Aquarium, which also debuts in 2019.

The Legoland Discovery Center is an interactive indoor Lego playground designed to inspire the imaginations of all who enter, according to company officials.

Lego has several discovery centers across the country. Each features models of local attractions rendered in Lego bricks, in an exhibit called Miniland.

San Antonians voted in November which buildings they wanted to see the most, choosing the Alamodome, The Alamo and the 403-foot Tower Life Building.

Passers-by and the media got a glimpse of the models during a preview Dec. 12. The entire Miniland San Antonio, with more iconic places and buildings to come, will be built and ready for display to the public when the venue opens this spring.

“It’ll be the ultimate indoor family attraction for San Antonio — the newest, coolest adventure in downtown,” said Jeremy Aguillen, general manager for Legoland Discovery Center San Antonio and Sea Life Aquarium. “It’ll appeal to tourists, but also locals here in San Antonio.”

Aguillen said he did not want to give away too much about what other famed San Antonio buildings will be rendered in Legos, but added, “The skyline is coming.”

Assembling a cityscape out of Lego bricks is no small feat, according to Julian Pederson, a model builder responsible for the renderings displayed Dec. 12.

• The Alamo, featuring 17,000 bricks, took 180 hours to snap together. That’s equal to driving from San Antonio to Dallas 21 times.

• Tower Life Building, with more than 24,000 bricks, took 335 hours to build and includes the famous gargoyles guarding the corners. It’s so tall modelers assembled the representation in multiple sections.

*The Alamodome involves more than 50,000 bricks and took 520 hours to assemble. The cross-section includes the exterior design that’s well-known to visitors and passersby. On the inside, the diminutive “fans” vary in attire and character, from police officers to numerous Agent Smiths from “The Matrix.”


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