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Interest in voting has gotten a shot in the arm with the midterm elections, and that’s good medicine for local politics.

Not only did the issues and the candidates drive a larger number of voters to the polls, but the ranks of those casting a ballot included more first-timers and those who returned to the voting booth after being away for years.

Turnout in both early voting and visits to the polls Nov. 6 outpaced elections in 2010 and 2014, approaching the fervor of a presidential ballot race. The solid upsurge clearly indicates the public has woken up to make their voices heard.

No matter which politician or proposition received support, the enthusiastic and vigorous participation in the democratic process is a sign of progress, especially after years of apathy.

Still, there’s work to be done. State figures showed that while more Texans than ever before registered to vote, younger eligible members  — millennials — must continue signing up to make their views count.

Midterms created a lot of drive to get to the polls, with candidates capitalizing on the energy. The momentum must continue, with more outreach to young voters, Hispanics and folks who never experienced pulling the lever.


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