We would all do well to remember the backbone of U.S. commerce is made up of small businesses.

The beating heart of the country’s economy is fed by the revenue streams flowing from the shops, restaurants and services found on Main Street, U.S.A.

This sentiment becomes especially relevant during November, when Americans are asked to observe Small Business Saturday, usually celebrated the second day after Thanksgiving.

The program — part of the Shop Small movement and founded by American Express in 2010 — is dedicated to the promotion of locally owned and managed stores.

Small businesses create jobs for our communities and generate wealth through sales taxes, which help fund government services and operations.

The proprietors, supervisors and employees aren’t just nearby merchants; they’re our neighbors, friends and relatives.

When you shop local, you are showing with your pocketbook that you believe in your community. It’s one way to ensure the lifeblood of local services and goods stays healthy right where you live.

On Nov. 24, spend a moment to shop at a local store during Small Business Saturday. But, why make it just one day out of the year? Promote local merchants every day.


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