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SA City Council approves Alamo Master Plan


CITY COUNCIL ON OCT. 18 APPROVED THE CONTROVERSIAL Alamo Master Plan after months of often-heated community discussions, held during the 300th year of the city’s founding by the Spanish empire. According to a prepared release from District 1 Councilman Roberto Treviño, San Antonio’s political leaders “voted to move forward with a version of the Alamo Master Plan that will lead to the creation of 5,000 new, permanent jobs downtown; the construction of a world-class museum; and essential improvements to the street scape. The ordinance includes closing, vacating and abandoning sections of right of way located on Alamo Street, Alamo Plaza and Houston Street; and limiting sections of right of way located on Alamo Plaza, Alamo Street, Blum Street, Crockett Street and East Houston Street to pedestrian traffic and emergency vehicles; and approving a ground lease and management agreement with the Texas General Land Office for property located in the historic Alamo mission footprint and property required for the development and management of the proposed Alamo visitor center and museum; and authorizing the negotiation and execution of all necessary documents related to the restoration and relocation of the Cenotaph within the Alamo Plaza area.” Treviño is an Alamo Citizens Advisory tri-chairman and a member of the Alamo Management Committee. Critics have railed against several aspects of the plan, including moving the Cenotaph and closing the area to traffic.


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