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Making the grade


While most educators are unhappy with the state’s new A-F grades for school districts, this format gives parents a clear indication of how well their children’s educational system is doing.

Approved in 2015 by the Legislature, but only implemented this year after some tweaking in 2017, the letters provide clarity and understanding. It replaces the pass/fail rating system.

The Texas Education Agency says the familiar report-card evaluations offer transparency into student performance and accountability in the state’s school districts.

During the initial release, mostly B’s were handed out, but TEA is still fine-tuning the process for 2019. Districts are judged in three areas — student achievement, school progress and closing the gap.

Critics say the system is just another way for the state to blame school districts for educational shortcomings, instead of allocating more financial resources.

However, parents comprehend what A-F means, and their taxes support the schools.

For decades, teachers have sent kids home with report cards to detail their progress. It’s fair to do the same for school districts.


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