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Building permit deadlines may change in Terrell Hills

Several factors influence completion of homes


TERRELL HILLS — City officials are looking at modifying time limits on building permits so they don’t expire before a project is finished.

Local officials have been working to fix the problem. City Council has been considering the issue the last few weeks.

According to leaders, the city has its share of home construction sites where work never seems to end.

Renovation or new construction stops or starts, depending on several factors. Having to depend on building permits that expire long before work is finished also seems to complicate some construction projects around town.

City officials have been looking at changing the time limits so a building permit can be approved in one-year increments, up to three years maximum.

Permits on several home construction projects are more than a year old. Construction work has been going on at one house on Canterbury Hill Street since 2011. Another house on the same street has been the scene of building since 2014.

City Attorney Richard Lindner said he thinks one of the reasons why a project goes on extended hiatus is because a construction contractor files for bankruptcy or closes.

City Manager Greg Whitlock surmised that, in a few instances, a homeowner may for whatever reason sell the house under construction, which leads to further lags.

“I think (changing time limits) could stop of a lot of this,” Whitlock said about the flipping of homes under construction.

Councilman Bill Mitchell, who runs G.W. Mitchell Construction, said the size of the home is another reason why work takes so long in many remodeling projects.

“In some cases, it’s just a really big, fancy, nice house,” he added.

Gary Hunter, development services director, said the fee schedule would have to be modified along with any time-limit changes.


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