SHAVANO PARK — After asking residents to come up with an official city slogan, officials have picked “Shavano Park — City Living with Country Charm.”

The City Council adopted the phrase on July 23 and announced the selection the next morning on social media.

City Manager Bill Hill said the slogan sums up why so many people enjoy life in Shavano Park.

“We have low tax rates, residences with large lots and mature trees (and) our newer neighborhoods have gorgeous, modern, upscale homes,” Hill said. “The Police Department is recognized as one of the best … in the state, which equals a safe community. Our Fire Department has an ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating of 2, which is among the top 10 percent in the nation.”

In March, the council directed the Citizens Tree Committee to create a public-involvement campaign asking residents to submit possible city slogans.

The 12-member organization, which mainly advises the council on management of the town’s urban forest and how to minimize oak wilt, welcomed the challenge.

“The council gave us this task so they could get our opinion and those of other citizens,” said Randy Smith, committee chairman.

From April 2 to May 18, neighbors logged their suggestions through SurveyMonkey and social-media accounts.

“We’ve engaged the citizens, we’re getting feedback and we’re allowing them to participate in choices within the government,” Hill said of the process.

The Tree Committee selected the top five mottos from over 60 vetted ideas and mailed postcards with a second survey for residents to select their favorite.

By July 12, neighbors returned 136 responses.

The population of the tree-lined city on San Antonio’s North Side, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau data, is about 3,800.

“In a community as small as ours, it’s great to have non-elected officials be a sounding board and analyze that data and present our input to City Council,” Smith said.

Municipal officials are now spreading the word about the phrase.

“The city will be updating its website, social media and various printed media to bear the new official slogan,” said a notice on the city’s website.


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