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Nearly every month, area cities seek volunteers to fill positions on committees, commissions, boards and advisory panels.

This is democracy at the grassroots level, giving residents a direct say in how their government functions.

Yet, it seems replenishing these boards is a never-ending process. Officials continually issue pleas for more citizen advisers, due to vacancies.

Looking at the torrent of complaints on social media about local government, one might think residents are flocking to take these slots. After all, these commissions make lasting recommendations to city staff and city councils.

Their fact finding, reports and rulings often become policy and law.

Ideally, there should be a steady stream of participants willing to contribute their time and attention to help guide their towns.

All government is local, it has been said. Involvement at the basic level from regular, ordinary townspeople ensures city halls hear the voice of the common man and woman.

Rather than criticize local leaders, lend a hand by getting involved.

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