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Northeast ISD requires clear backpacks


TO ENHANCE SECURITY, NORTH EAST INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT is requiring clear backpacks for all middle and high school students when classes resume this fall. Other initiatives include locking all exterior doors, implementing a buzz-in system, unannounced metal-detector searches, active-shooter training for administrators during the summer, and more police officers, officials said. According to an NEISD release, “Elementary school students will be allowed to continue using traditional backpacks. Band and athletic bags will still be permitted, as well as purses and lunch bags.” In addition, a clear-bag policy will be enforced at all sporting events. Two years ago, according to NEISD, officials added extra gate-security measures at athletic venues, which included walk-through metal detectors, metal “wanding” and additional personnel. The release indicated spectators at athletic venues must store belongings in a clear bag not exceeding 12-by-6-by-12-inches or a small clutch. Camera bags, briefcases, purses, backpacks and other items are prohibited at sporting events.


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