Featuring two levels, Quartermain’s Pub offers food, drinks, music and foot pool — a game similar to billiards, except feet are used instead of a pool cue to move the ball around. Photo by Collette Orquiz

LIVE OAK — Creating a watering hole for folks to enjoy food, drinks and foot pool inspired owners Brad Lewis, David Papizan and Ron Gallucci to open Quatermain’s Pub.

“We got together and used the idea of British Indiana Jones explorer Allan Quatermain to create a place we hoped would be different from other places,” said Gallucci, referencing the Sir H. Rider Haggard character from “King Solomon’s Mines.”

Quatermain’s Pub, 13920 Interstate 35 North, launched not long ago. Gallucci and his partners chose the location due to its proximity to a movie theater and Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

The bar and nightclub has live music with deejays. Hamburgers, chicken wings and nachos highlight its menu; weekend drink specials include margaritas, Scotch whisky and beer.

Papizan and Gallucci, Air Force veterans, joined with Lewis to develop an establishment where folks can unwind and have fun.

The locale hosts beer-pong tournaments, plus cigar and Scotch tasting. There are pool tables, an iTunes jukebox, a punching machine and dartboards. A second level sports a full bar, lounge area and more games.

“Brad brought the idea of foot pool into the bar, which is the same as playing pool, but you kick the ball with your feet,” Gallucci said.

Hours are 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 11-2 a.m. Sunday.


13920 Interstate 35 North. For more, call 210-973-7101 or visit www.facebook.com/quatermainpub



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