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Pothole peril


Nobody likes potholes. Though San Antonio is trying to fix as many as possible, City Hall alone can’t smooth over the predicament.

The key to safer streets is driver awareness and participation.

Promising repairs within two business days, Transportation & Capital Improvements urges residents to call 311 whenever they spot these traffic hazards.

The road cavities seem to be popping up — or caving in — everywhere. During fiscal year 2017 (Oct. 1, 2016 to Sept. 30, 2017), the city’s Pothole Patrol fixed more than 75,000 of the hindrances, a 155 percent increase from FY 2015. San Antonio estimates that only 15 percent were actually reported to repair crews.

The issue is so serious the city in April launched a “Pothole Blitz” to eradicate more than 7,500 of the irksome obstacles in the month.   

However, roadwork can only be done with motorist and pedestrian assistance.

Dial 311 and fill in the city about menacing potholes. It’s the best way to rid roadways of these mini-sinkholes trashing tires and mangling metal, which can lead to expensive bills at the garage.

Remember, the auto you save may be your own.


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