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Fiesta follow-up features fashion and fancy


Viva Garden Soiree: Karey Tylman (left), Jillian Fuhrmann and Peyton Porter
King’s Party: King Antonio Richard Sparr (left), Edward Steves
Brunch des Chapeaux: Camille Mandigo (left), Katherine Gainey

The ladies-who-lunch lingered on the lawn of the Argyle Club at Le Brunch des Chapeaux while raising $216,000 for the Autism Community Network.

Chic co-chairwomen Camille Mandigo and Katherine Gainey, along with 500 of their galericulated girlfriends, donned elaborately decorated picture hats and watched the Julian Gold Spring fashion show while sipping sparkling wine. The luncheon also paid tribute to event founders and honorary co-chairs Kristan Northington and Shannon Turner and to honorary co-chairwoman Shannon Gunn.

Elaine Turner, the keynote speaker and celebrity designer of handbags, shoes and accessories, shared her personal journey as the mom of a special-needs daughter and a neurotypical son.

Meanwhile, the good folks of Terrell Hills gathered at the home of Nancy and Edward Steves for the annual Texas Cavaliers Kings Party, sharing an afternoon of royal margaritas, oysters and Kiolbassa sausage with King Antonio Richard Sparr and his royal entourage. Past kings and ones to be crowned bestowed merriment and cheer among the crowd.

Viva Garden Soiree, another delightful outdoor affair, honored Tinsley Simpson, queen of the Order of the Alamo Court of Classic Couture, her court and general fabulousness. With gowns inspired by legendary fashion designers such as Prada, Valentino and Pucci, the young ladies mingled with their loyal subjects for an evening of fashionable fun.


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