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Americans, as it turns out, are not as happy as one might think, according to an annual ranking sponsored by the United Nations. In comparison, residents of northern European countries with long periods of cold and dark have sunnier dispositions.

What gives? As recently noted in The Week, a British periodical, the higher satisfaction level of Scandinavians is linked to love of family, doing things together such as sharing meals, getting outdoors more and occasionally unplugging from the digital world.

Locals in the greater San Antonio area certainly have no excuse to be glum. Spring is here and summer break is just around the corner. Let’s get off the cyber highway and spend more moments with family and friends.

What better place than the Alamo City? From the River Walk to Mission Reach, as well as various parks, attractions and museums, San Antonio offers an unending source of activities relatives and acquaintances can enjoy in fellowship.

Don’t have time for those? Then, simply enjoy breaking bread with your loved ones and friends. Put down the smartphone, turn off the television and actually talk with each other.

Warmer weather means freedom, and the home of the Shrine of Texas Liberty has numerous ways to make you and yours feel good about being together.


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