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Castle Hills politico voice of cities for flood control

Treviño appointed to Bexar Regional Watershed Management

This image from 2016 shows how sections of Castle Hills become inundated during heavy rains. Alderman JR Treviño says his experience with swollen waterways will help him represent about two dozen cities at Bexar Regional Watershed Management, a flood-control organization. File photo

CASTLE HILLS — A City Council member who is no stranger to flooding woes is now a voice for more than two dozen local communities looking at ways to control storm runoff.

Place 1 Alderman JR Treviño will serve a wider audience than just his constituents with his appointment to the Bexar Regional Watershed Management partnership, which “recognizes that water knows no boundaries,” officials said.

Treviño, who also serves as mayor pro tem, is representing the Greater Bexar County Council of Cities on the flood-control organization.

“It’s a forum where they can collaborate and brainstorm and kind of work together.  And if somebody has something to present, it’s much easier than going to each individual city to do the presentation,” Treviño said.

The council is made up of 26 area municipalities including San Antonio, represented mostly by mayors and city administrators.

The cities work together to address issues such as flooding, transportation and other concerns because what typically is a problem in one also besets some of the others. Members share ideas on solutions.

In a similar fashion, the BRWM — formed after major flooding in 1998 and 2002 devastated parts of Bexar County — is dedicated to minimizing the impact of area flooding and also to addressing the greater San Antonio area’s water quality.

The managing partners are the county, San Antonio and the San Antonio River Authority.

As part of the water partnership, Treviño said he will rely on his experiences dealing with flooding issues in Castle Hills while representing all 26 members of the Council of Cities.

Balcones Heights Mayor Suzanne De Leon recommended Treviño’s appointment.

“I have not known JR that long, but I have heard about him and what I have experienced myself is that he seems to be very dedicated and very committed to a purpose – whatever purpose he is involved in,” De Leon said.

Treviño will be a good spokesman for the member cities, she added.

“I really think from what I’m hearing about him that — even though he’s from Castle Hills — he’s going to be mindful of all the other cities and take our needs into consideration as well, not just his own city’s,” De Leon said.

Leon Valley Mayor Chris Riley also supported Treviño’s nomination. She said Leon Valley has water-overflow issues caused mostly by Huebner Creek, which allows floodwaters to pour into the city even after rains have stopped and the sun has broken through the clouds.

“I feel like he has an open mind and he will work with our city (Leon Valley). I’ve spoken with him and he is willing to sit down with us and our committee in our city to understand what our floodplain issues are,” Riley said.

Treviño hopes to live up to the expectations.

“I’m a little bit proud that they trusted me to not just beat a dead horse on Castle Hills’ issues. Everybody knows from our history that we have flooding issues, and I think by them appointing me they are saying that ‘we trust him that he’s going to do his job and not just make it about Castle Hills,’” Treviño said.

Riley has faith that he will do a great job.

“I look forward to working with Mr. Treviño. I think he’s going to make a great rep on that board,” Riley said.


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