Buying a used auto from Carvana can be as easy as slipping a coin into a vending machine — if that vending machine is a glass tower filled with vehicles.

Salespeople at Carvana say their methods make buying fun.

Not only do customers solely purchase an auto online, which can be delivered to them, they also can head over to the dealership and pick up their vehicle from a structure that works like a giant car dispenser.

The consumer deposits a coin, the car rolls out from the tower and, after a test spin, final paperwork is finished, officials said.

A company representative stressed shopping is done “100 percent” online.

“By removing the traditional dealership infrastructure and replacing it with an easy, customer-centric online experience, we could save customers valuable time and money,” said co-founder Ryan Keeton. “By disrupting the 75-year-old traditional dealership model, Carvana is putting customers in the driver’s seat while putting money back in their pockets.”

Carvana’s venue at 5435 N. Loop 1604 West opened a few months ago.

The venture saves patrons an average of $1,430, according to officials. Prices quoted to buyers are set, with no haggling for a fair figure, officials said.

In addition to buying online and picking up the auto at the vending-machine tower, Carvana can deliver a vehicle to a client’s home as soon as the next day, officials said.

According to Keeton, it takes less than 10 minutes to search for, purchase, finance and trade in a car from the comfort of home.

“Carvana is the nirvana of car buying, bringing peace of mind and happiness to an experience that is typically anything but,” Keeton said.


5435 N. Loop 1604 West

For more, call 800-333-4554 or visit

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