CIBOLO — Staffers at Orangetheory Fitness, a new heart-rate based interval training gym, want to help patrons achieve workout goals and answer, “What do you burn for?”

April Alexander, Orangetheory general manager, said she got involved to change her fitness routine.

“The beautiful thing about us is not only do you get personal training, your programming is done for you, and your programming is done long-term, which is why people do not plateau out when they come here. You will constantly see change,” Alexander said. “It’s amazing. We get phenomenal results.”

Orangetheory Fitness, 513 Cibolo Valley Drive, opened in April. Manuel Torres owns it and the New Braunfels franchise. There are five local gyms.

Sessions focus on power, strength and endurance. Everyone wears heart-rate monitors, watching their progress on screens.

“It’s basically intense interval training, but we can accommodate people of all different fitness levels,” Alexander said.

The objective is to enter the “Orange Zone,” which stimulates metabolism and increases energy. Backed by a scientific concept called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, the trainers term it the “afterburn.”

Clients become a “caloric furnace,” using an estimated 500 to 1,000 calories during the 60-minute class; the process keeps the reduction going for up to 36 hours, Alexander added.

The studio features treadmills, rowing machines and suspension-unit systems, plus benches and free weights. Classes hold 10 to 25 people.

“Our workouts are never the same, so you never get bored. Every day is different, so even though you see the same equipment, the workouts really and truly are different every single day,” Alexander said.

The first session is free; class packages are available.


513 Cibolo Valley Drive in Cibolo

For more, call  501-0299 or visit

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