Not long ago, a student I know related that a teacher used class time to push a personal political agenda.

I support freedom of speech, but somehow, I don’t think the classroom is the place for educators to try to sway others to their political viewpoints. Certainly teachers have a right to voice approval for candidates they support, but not in the classroom.

Teachers are the leaders in a classroom. Education, at least through high school, is compulsory, which means educators also have a captive audience. It is not fair or proper for an educator to use that special place to push a single viewpoint.

I know such instances are rare, and that 99 percent of all educators are completely professional, but my friend’s story is not the first I’ve heard about such an episode.

Educators are the custodians of facts, history, rational observations, science and mathematics. Their personal political views — or religious, for that matter — should not be aired inside the classroom. Instead, they should be the gatekeepers in a marketplace of ideas, presenting multiple viewpoints in a dispassionate and informed fashion.

The same lesson should apply to those in my profession — unless the story is on the opinion page and labeled as such.

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