A new distillery on the North Side offers a taste of the Caribbean without having to book a flight.

Part of a trend of craft spirits gaining popularity in San Antonio, Edwards Ridge Distillery is creating small-batch rum available in the tasting room and also on the shelves of local retailers.

“A lot of distilleries are popping up around here for the same reasons — the quality, they’re small. I think it’s a cool thing that’s happening here in San Antonio,” said Luis Gonzalez, one of four partners at the distillery, 16104 University Oak St.

The other owners are Jonathan Reading, Joe Neely and Nathan Brown.

Edwards Ridge opened in November. In addition to tastings of its rum, which are distilled from molasses, it offers tours and handcrafted cocktails.

Available for sampling are William, Talus gold and silver rums, which are distilled and bottled on site.

During tastings, cocktails with mixers such as amaretto and coffee liqueur are available.

“A good part of the menu is stuff we actually come up with here. If you go somewhere else and order it, no one else is going to know what you’re talking about.” — Luis Gonzales, Owner

The brands also can be found at nearly a dozen stores in the Alamo City.  Total Wine & More carries the rum at all of its Texas locations.

Whiskey and beer will be added sometime this year.

When the owners dreamed up Edwards Ridge, their original idea was to capitalize on a shortage of bourbon five years ago after foreign companies began buying up the supplies.

“Because of the red tape and everything we had to go through, we probably missed that boat,” Gonzalez said. However, he and his partners are having plenty of fun distilling their current lineup, he added.

The facility is available for events or parties.

Hours are 3 to 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.


16104 University Oak St.

For more, call 802-7864 or visit edwardsridge.com or facebook.com/edwardsridge

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