Too many motorists are still speeding around stopped school buses unloading or taking on children, creating a dangerous situation.

In this season of giving, let’s also practice a little more care and caution.

The most risky part of the day for many pupils is often when they get on or off a school bus.

When the school bus pulls to the curb with lights flashing, motorists should put its young passengers first. Slow down and stop as well; take deep breaths. You’ll get where you need to go soon enough.

Besides, it’s the law. Since 2013, traffic statutes in Texas have become more severe for drivers who pass stationary school buses displaying a visual signal.

An initial offense can cost as much as $1,250, and a follow-up violation could mean a suspended license. Moreover, points accrued to driving records can’t be erased with a defensive-driving course.

Other deterrents are in place, too.

Several local school districts have attached cameras to buses to catch violators driving around loading zones, with fines for first infractions reaching $300.

Regardless of what the law says, common sense should rule here.

If you see a school bus put on its brakes and extend a stop sign or flashing red lights, press your brakes, too. Nothing justifies zooming around and endangering a child’s life.

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