In the wake of May 6 elections, newly selected leaders must reaffirm their commitment to serve the needs of the public.

The politicians must roll up their sleeves, shake hands with friends and opponents alike, and then get down to the business of earning the people’s trust.

It’s time to forget any political grudges.

The paramount mission of the elected is to work for the good of residents.

Various cities in Greater San Antonio face many of the same problems, and decisions made now will affect successive generations.

Growth and expansion, keeping up with infrastructure needs and maintaining an adequate water supply are common issues every city council must deal with today.

Cool heads and clear vision are needed.

The moment has come to put partisanship aside.

Area representatives must forge ahead and create an improved future.

Voters are tired of the turf battles and demagoguery. They want action and results. It is time our leaders redeemed themselves and proved worthy of the public’s trust.

The politicians at numerous city halls must embrace bold, new ideas and serve all of their constituents, not just some. Such is the path to a better tomorrow.

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