The ladies behind Crossroads Kitchen are adding soul to Southtown with Lowcountry, offering handcrafted cocktails and house-made snacks.

The operators say Lowcountry, located at 318 Martinez St., is the kind of place you’d feel comfortable bringing your friends or your parents.

“It’s affordable and approachable to everybody. That’s mainly what we were trying to do,” said co-owner Roberta Marques. “It’s really chill, but you can come in and get a fancy cocktail or a good glass of wine.”

Marques and co-owner Drew Morros wanted to transfer their Southern comfort-food concept at Crossroads to the cocktail scene. They partnered with Danny Delgado and Andrea Vince — who’ve opened Hi-Tones, La Botanica and several other joints — to create Lowcountry.

Patrons have described the atmosphere in the old, renovated house as homey, but Marques also thinks it’s “fancy” and “weird.”

Lowcountry is the area along South Carolina’s coast, where Morros grew up.

“You can come a little dressed up or after work, whatever. You could be fancy about it, but also be super down-to-earth at the same time, which I’m a fan of,” Marques added.

Cocktails created by Denise De Clopper, formerly of Barbaro, feature regional liquors such as sugar-cane rum and whiskey; the lounge puts a spin on the classics. Saint Cece’s Punch is a popular drink, made with rum, and port wine and topped with Austin Eastciders’ pineapple cider.

The staff tries to make everything —from grenadine syrup to jellies— on-site.

“We come from a kitchen, so we want to get our hands in whatever parts of it we can,” Morros said.

“It doesn’t make sense to buy that, let’s just make it,” Marques added.

Snacks include boiled peanuts and cheese straws.

Lowcountry has live music at least once on the weekend, and features Back Yonder, a singer-songwriter’s night organized by musicians Garrett T. Capps and Torin Metz.

Happy hour is 4-7 p.m. daily with discounts ranging from beer to house cocktails.

Hours are 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily.


318 Martinez St.

For more, call 560-2224 or visit lowcountrysa.com or facebook.com/lowcountrysa

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