Even after moving to a new office, kids still come first at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry.

Formerly located at 8700 Crownhill Blvd., the practice relocated to 125 W. Sunset Road in June.

The practice changed hands almost two years ago from Dr. Randall L. Whitten to Dr. Joanna Ayala, who renamed it Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry. Whitten retired after a 25-year career.

According to dentist Aashna Handa, the office will have new dental chairs and X-ray machines.

Handa is joined by dentist Diane Lee and orthodontist Lori Fulk.

In addition to regular teeth cleanings and exams, the practice offers fluoride treatments, dental sealants and composite/white fillings, white crowns, baby root canals and tooth extractions.

The clinic also features many orthodontic services including athletic mouthguards, space maintainers, Invisalign braces and regular braces.

Staff members are dedicated to making children comfortable during a visit. Handa said they use the tell, show and do method, as well as naming dental tools for concepts youngsters easily grasp.

“We try to talk to them, show them what the thing is, and use different names for the things. Like, if it’s a suction, we call it ‘Mr. Thirsty,’ so we kind of use little words that they can understand,” Handa said.

The practice offers sedation dentistry, oral conscious sedation and general anesthesia to put patients at ease.

Amenities such as toys, books, blankets, TV, beverages and snacks also keep young patients busy and happy.

Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 12:30 to 5 p.m. Friday.

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