One of San Antonio’s latest Vision Zero initiatives is also extremely practical: Don’t Block the Box.

Errant motorists would do well to heed the message, which is designed to keep cars and other vehicles from jamming intersections — or the box.

Who hasn’t been at a green light only to be stuck because some inconsiderate driver tried to beat a changing signal and rushed into the intersection, cutting off everyone else?

When a motorist clogs the area, it endangers other drivers, bicyclists and even pedestrians at crosswalks.

In January, Transportation & Capital Improvements began posting warning signs. Then in May, as part of a pilot program at intersections in each City Council district, police began ticketing violators.

During the next six months, the initiative will be evaluated; city staffers will track when intersections are illegally blocked and whether the new mandate had any effect.

The premise complements the overall plan for Vision Zero, which involves implementing several safety enhancements — including better crosswalks and more sidewalks — to decrease fatalities and serious traffic injuries.

While the larger and laudable goal is to keep roadways safer, Don’t Block the Box might actually reduce some stress levels among drivers tired of others holding up traffic.

Motor-vehicle operators who are too rude or unobservant to show courtesy at intersections deserve to face consequences for being blockheads.

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